About us |

We're a husband and wife team that recently decided to kiss Koko's 9-5 goodbye and put all of our focus in our photography business. We are passionate about our kids, our business, and each other. When we're not working on the business, you'll likely find us at the soccer or baseball fields coaching our kiddos. Check out the other "about us" section to learn a little more about us individually!

Our Style |

Our images stand out, yet are simple and timeless. We really focus on our clients and try to get the best images out of every session. That doesn't mean we want the "perfect" photo. We want you. We want who you are and who your family is. We want the connection you have and we do our best to have your unique family dynamic reflect in our pictures. We love to work with natural light and we pride ourselves in our ability to balance journalistic candid images with fine art portraiture. We honestly don't do a lot with props, but if there's something you want, that's what we're here for. Talk to us! We'll listen. 

Learning |

We started this business about 4 years ago, mostly on accident. It's the happiest accident we could hope to have. It has taught us so much. We've learned about love, joy, sadness, failure, success, and so much more. Photography is so much more than just taking photos. We didn't know that going in. We document memories. We connect with people. We listen. We learn. We love the fact that we are able to provide something so cherished to families. We feel lucky when people give us the opportunity to be a part of their big day or even just a quick hour. We've learned that life is short. We don't take our job lightly. We are here for you. Happy, sad, good times or bad, this is our job. If we can provide memories for you, we're happy to.